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We are Adra.

We are designers, engineers and strategists who are all experienced in our field. We work closely with you and your teams, managing the uncertainty of rapid technological innovation in your industry. Our combined expertise enables us to act as product strategists and executors, knowing we are fully equipped to accelerate your software solutions. We can start from the ground up with an idea for a product, create and launch it, measure its impact on your customers, and ensure that the product evolves to perfectly fit your business objectives.
Or we can simply use our skills to advise you on the best strategy to enhance your existing technologies, establishing systems that will adapt, no matter what the future throws at them. In short, our work is driven by your business requirements. We are here to learn what you need. We are here to help. Please click to get in touch.

Our Services

Web Design and Development

We create web sites that will help your end user easily access all that your website has to offer while on the move, ensuring it visually and intuitively responds to all mobile platforms - often negating your need to invest in native mobile app development.

Mobile App Development

We create bespoke, complete iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps that are suitable for all the latest smartphone, smartTV and tablet devices.

Desktop and Server Software Development

Our specialists can create software products for your desktop and server operating systems, working closely with you to analyse and understand what you want your product to achieve, testing it and supporting you beyond launch.

Digital marketing

The team of our SEO, SMM and digital marketing experts will help you reach your customers on the Internet and build a household name. It’s time for your product to get to the Google top and become a headliner of social and target media.

Creative design

Our designers will create a unique visual style for your product. Whether it is a website or mobile application, it will be highly attractive, intuitive and recognizable. We will also create an impressive brand logo and printed materials for your product.

Hosting Consultancy

Once your software product has been tried & tested rigorously and is ready to be used to maximise your business potential, we can help you decide which hosting companies can best provide the services that are most relevant to your product's individual needs.

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