Redefining Technology that Speaks to Your Customers

We know finding the right online marketing partner in Sri Lanka is a tough job. This is where the team at Adra can help you reach the pinnacle of your potential.

Adra is an ultra-modern creative agency that completely supports your business, marketing, as well as growth activities. We do this while enhancing your customer acquisition strategies and driving increased returns for your business.

We solve your problem all under one roof. Our team will focus on strategic development and marketing of your website, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Our organisational and work structure is geared towards a results-oriented vision with expertise in many Sri Lankan sectors. These include tourism, hospitality, and other associated industries.

Our Summary – A Bird’s Eye View of Our Style

Our team listens to your requirements and understands your goals before we kickstart our development or marketing process.We carefully analyse your business and goals in order to prepare the most effective strategies that will generate revenue to your business while helping your reach your customers in a more technological as well as efficient manner.

People Are Important – Our Humanistic Value

As highlighted by Nobel laureate Gary Becker, the concept of “Human Capital” is attached to our internal work mechanism.

We value individuals, including both your organisational members and your customers. Our humanistic approach is based on the principle that all individuals are valuable. In addition, we believe that it is the people that make and solidify relationships.

Consequently, our team, including the Management of Adra, are laser-focussed on humanistic values. Our goal is to construct a highly beneficial relationship in the online world between you and your target customers.

Invest in a High-return Strong Foundation

Here at Adra we understand that when you decide to make business websites , you are investing your precious time, effort, resources, and money. As a result, it is of vehement importance that your website will be worthy of your investment. This motivates and encourages our team to make your new website attract the traffic you desire.

Consequently, we jump in to deploy solutions that are able to generate valued leads for your business and brand. This starts with a professional website design and effective communication of your brand to your target clients. All our designers, developers, and content writers work to transform websites into attractive customer experiences.

Check out our portfolio to view the work we have successfully completed for clients who invested wisely in Adra.

What Are Our Specialist Talents?

We provide creative websites and advertising solutions that enable your business to grow even in times of setbacks. Our core competencies include our ability and proven experience as a digital marketing and web agency. Our primary strengths are building business websites, creating Facebook and Instagram posts, content writing, and helping you rank higher on Google searches.

Website Design and Development

Adra has a long-standing experience in the discipline and art of website design and web-based application development in order to support multiple diverse businesses and brands here in Sri Lanka.

Our services in this field range from enterprise application development to CMS-powered websites that complement your branding strategy and online marketing campaigns.

Our team of website designers and developers are geared up to write modern, documented, responsive, and optimised code. We work via a number of platforms, frameworks, programming languages, and technologies.

Create a business website today with Adra and take advantage of our team’s capabilities in publishing a responsive web design that is optimised for the competitive modern world.

E-Commerce Solutions

Selling online is one of the most popular uses of the internet and websites for businesses since the late 20th century.

Our team ensures that your products and services can be displayed and positioned in an attractive, modern, and professional manner so that your business can enjoy growth.

Whether you are targeting a niche or if you are a fully-blown brand, we can help your digital transformation and improve your workflows.

Added services that we provide all in-house include monitoring and measuring your visitor shopping patterns and advice you on how to enhance and create an even more suitable environment for your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimisation is an obvious strategic need for the modern age business. Our teams are skilled in planning and conducting comprehensive and professional SEO services that will get your business a higher degree of visibility in online searches? Adra depends only on trustworthy, future-proof, and white-hat SEO techniques.

As Adra is able to make business websites for your business as well as configure and optimise your search engine optimisation campaigns, especially for Google searches, your company would benefit in selecting our team as your future SEO partner and web agency.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing team at Adra is prolifically experienced in building custom solutions that fulfil and cover your requirements in the world of social media.

Our experience in the tourism, hospitality, construction, food, and other industries in Sri Lanka will no doubt enhance your ability to increase the likes and fan base of your brand’s online social media platforms.

We excel in carrying out targeted campaigns that are geared to generate revenue and new customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC or pay-per-click has been a buzzword among online marketers for years. We at Adra understands that a proper SEO strategy will offer long-term growth that can be driven with immediate boosts.

Adra’s PPC campaign ensures that your investment is utilised to output the best possible end-result that will dazzle both you and your customers.