E-Commerce Solutions for Your Business

Shoppers love shopping! So why not make your E-commerce website help your customers to shop within an enhanced experience that delivers increased revenue for your business.

Our team provides the technological expertise to make your e-commerce website always earn you money. Our team covers e-commerce applications that sell products, courses, memberships, subscriptions, and other goods.

You will need all the functionality and features of today’s successful online stores and shopping cart platforms to achieve your e-commerce sales goals. As a business owner, you will certainly benefit from tools that allows you to completely manage your store, products, and other aspects.

Essential E-commerce Website Ingredients

Adra delivers robust, user-friendly, attractive as well as modern online shopping solutions and our sites are enhanced with a wide variety of ingredients to make it successful.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile users are significantly important and our team works to make your online store accessible and technically-optimised for mobile devices. The mobile-friendly shopping experience we will design for your customers should also pass the Google Analytics algorithm.

Products Management

The product inventory mechanism along with product categorisation, media, and other related aspects will also be integrated into your e-commerce website. All modifications to the stock mechanism and other product metrics will be live and carried out real-time.

Suggested Pages and Related Products

quickly browse related and suggested products and store pages. Moreover, integrating the “sharing” functionality allows customers to send items to friends within seconds.

Reporting Tools

Analytics is a major component of selling online and our solutions will allow you to easily see and analyse your customers’ behaviour, purchasing patterns, and how popular your products are. This will provide a data-driven framework that you can take advantage to enhance your online store’s efficiency and revenue.

Multiple Payment and Shipping Options

The confidence an online shopper has of your payment process is key for success in the world of e-commerce. Offering a variety of payment methods and optimizing the entire customer journey, from the first visit to payment is necessary. Our team focuses on adopting clear payment confirmation pages with email receipts, calculating delivering costs, and allowing users further capabilities.

Content Management

We aim to highlight the story behind your product and our concept includes providing news, blogs, and articles to help you reach out to your customers. A user-friendly and innovative content management system that makes your job easier and helps you sell products will be facilitated.

This system can be used to easily add new pages and edit them. Imagery as well as SEO elements can be managed while functionalities that allow social media sharing will further enhance your site’s value.

Promotion and Discount Tools

A sale, seasonal offers, and special discounts, if used correctly, can bring in increased customers and revenue. Adra understands this and provides the capabilities to easily add, manage, and remove these promotional elements. Discount codes, percentage offers, limited-time prices, and other similar tactics can be implemented to heighten the attractiveness of your brand in the eyes of your consumers.

Product Filtering

Everyone prefers their own shopping experience and Adra will build your e-commerce website in a way that allows your customers to filter products based on the pricing levels, categories, tags, ratings, popularity, and other essentials. If you prefer, the “quick preview” feature can be incorporated for a shopping-friendly platform.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a core feature that should be optimised to allow increased customer engagement and business growth. Adding products to the online shopping cart is made easy and it will update its contents in real-time. Furthermore, the checkout process can be made user-friendly, trusted, and professional and all of these benefits will result in higher online conversions.

Ready to sell online?

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