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Our Websites Transform Your Dreams into Reality

Our value proposition is straightforward despite the involved technical and technological complexities. As your company, business, and brand starts to grow, your website design should reflect your value and growth. Moreover, it should drive an increased volume of growth for your business. This is where our expertise will enable you to move forward. In addition, we accomplish this in a modern, technological, and business-oriented manner.

Adra designs beautiful and optimised websites. Because we understand that your web page has only a few seconds to grab your potential customer’s attention, we will focus on maximising the performance of your website. This is also true to the related aspects of your online presence, including your social media platforms and written contents.

One of our key concepts is a modern appearance for your website, including responsive page designs. As a result, your website will be easily accessible and usable for your customers.

Your customers should experience a clear user journey to conversion. Furthermore, they should be able to efficiently understand you, your brand, services, and how your business can help them. Over the past years, companies operating in Sri Lanka and beyond have acquired our user-friendly, professional, and attractive website design and development services. We have created powerful, memorable, as well as business-oriented digital experiences for their businesses. 

Our Web Design Process

Our team at Adra adopts a specific website design process that allows a smooth as well as efficient end-result.

1st Step – Research

Each project will be treated as a creative journey here at Adra. Our members will get to know you, your business, your brand, and your targeted market segments. This analysis and understanding will build a solid foundation that will empower all our future work. As a result, website designing and development tasks will be more productive. This allows us to identify your marketing goals and build more efficient strategies for your customers.

To start each project, we will ask questions to learn more about your vision and all the associated elements of your business. Afterwards, this information will be used for our second stage, where the actual strategy formulation will take place.

2nd Step – Strategy and Planning

This step opens up two areas of work – studying your competitors and preparing strategic plans. Our aim is to enhance your online presence in a business-focussed as well as technologically-optimised way.

We will select a few direct competitors and analyse them and this will include your top competitors. Our team will attempt to understand their marketing efforts as well as focus on industry-specific trends. Therefore, these can be used to efficiently communicate with your customers.

This research will be valuable to our team and the strategy we adopt includes an online sitemap. Additionally, on-site search engine optimisation to ensure that your level of competitiveness will be carried out.

Finally, website wireframing will be completed to suit your business brand as well as your target market. This establishes the website information architecture in an effective manner before our team embarks on the creative designing phase. Once the design strategy is completed, your approval of our plan will be acquired.

3rd Step – Creative Design

There is no doubt that both the client and the technological team looks forward to the created designs as these are actual outcomes that will dictate and direct how the entire online business development framework will appear to the end-user. This step allows you to see our design strategy come to life as our design concepts will be shared with you throughout this phase. Feedback and modifications where applicable will be collected and any corrections will be implemented as we arrive at the website development stage.

As the web design project progresses, we will evaluate the initial design and creative concept with you, which will be based off the wireframes created in the previous step. The design strategy we take will depend on the specific requirements of your business and accordingly, our team might implement a mobile-first design approach or another technique depending on your existing website analytics and other factors.

4th Step – Website Development and Testing

Next, our team moves on to a more complex phase where your website will be developed, implemented, and tested. This requires a level of technical expertise that involves the strategy, creative designs, as well as your end-goals. Overall, with your approval, our team will begin to build and test your website. This is the step that allows every involved stakeholder to experience the fully functional design and then resolve any concern before the project is finalised for deployment.

During this process, our team will host a beta website version on our private development server and this allows you to experience the working prototype before the website is launched and made accessible for the general public. Website testing and debugging will be carried out here in order to eliminate any discrepancies.

5th Step – Website Launch

After the website is developed and tested, our team will commence the migration of your new website to the production server. During this step, quality assurance efforts will be carried out to ensure that there are no further issues that would deter potential customers of your business.

The aim of this particular phase is to ensure that all the website pages, system modules, content, and other elements work collaboratively to form an end-product that enhances your brand.

6th Step – Manage and Grow

While people may believe that a website design project is completed after step five, Adra works in a way that ensures a continuous mechanism that manages your website and provides added services o grow your business online.

It is our aim to prepare a customised tutorial that will help you manage your new website and this will address required best practices and continued search engine optimisation.

After your new website is deployed, our team will offer monthly website health checks, 24/7 uptime monitoring, as well as support as required to ensure that your new online marketing solution is safe, secure, and working to its full potential.

This is the time to enhance your business and capture new markets via an efficient and modern website.

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