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Our specialised team will enhance your Facebook advertising campaigns

Our Facebook Strategy for You

As you are aware and as a majority of the world’s population already knows, Facebook is an undeniable powerful marketplace. In the modern world, Facebook has much to offer to both consumers and businesses.

Facebook allows access to not only a large set of customers but the social media giant also enables targeted and customisable advertising via its platform.

Adra’s social media professionals will use these tools and their own experience for formulate and implement optimised Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns that will attempt the establishment of a more efficient marketing channel for your business and company.

Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

As mentioned above, as of 2020, Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world with over 2 billion active users. If Sri Lanka is specifically considered, it is safe to assume that Facebook is the most used social media channel and this allows customers who are seeking for services in the food, accommodation, tour, fashion, technology, and other sectors to find the most compatible service provider.

Facebook has become a cornerstone in the world of advertising and if your business does not leverage this opportunity, your competitors might get the upper hand. Targeting online users for Sri Lankan brands is not effective if a proper, planned, and measured Facebook advertising campaign is not carried out. Growth, be it in brand awareness, your potential customer leads, or sales, can be quickly achieved via Facebook.

However, to achieve all these benefits for your company, you should take the decision to implement a well-strategised and optimised campaign. This campaign should target your customers in a suitable way that brings value to not only your business but also to your stakeholders.

Why Select a Facebook Advertising Agency?

While Facebook is simple to use for personal purposes, achieving a high return on investment (ROI) and a respectable level of professionalism in online marketing is a challenging task. This is the chief reason that could encourage you to select Adra to manage and run your Facebook marketing campaigns.

The other reasons that justifies recruiting a separate agency for Facebook marketing include: 

  • To increase your brand’s awareness via Facebook
  • Due to modern-day tools and technologies, you can save your time and effort via Facebook marketing
  • To accurately understand each metric and the results of Facebook advertising
  • Receive professional advice from Facebook advertising professionals
  • Optimize the campaign, including the budget, advert designs, and audience.

Why Adra for Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

We have experience in reaching hundreds of potential buyers for our previous clients via budgets that start with just USD 10. This allows us to bring in more value to your business and marketing budgets.

Furthermore, Adra will cover all your Facebook business and marketing requirements in-house, which means all associated services can be covered under one roof and by the same team. This allows you to keep your mind at ease and limit the effort expended to handle your online campaigns.

Why wait until your competitors surpass you on Facebook?