About ADRA

Redefining Technology that Speaks to Your Customers

Conceptualised and established to answer the ever-growing and constantly evolving discipline of technology, Adra is a team of technological professionals who are seeking to aid and support a wide variety of business organisations. Over recent years, we have directly engaged and got involved with the business needs of our clientele as well as discovered other requirements that they would benefit from as this is one of the main strengths.

When focussing on the range of services we provide, website designing and development, social media marketing, content writing, SEO, and other similar fields of modern information technology are the benefits that Adra is able to offer you. As our team focuses on how to better enhance your existing as well as future business development, marketing, and online presence-related operations, we are fully engaged in learning the ins and outs of this interesting and advantageous domain.

Our experience is not limited to a few industries but encompass a number of sectors, including the tourism, hospitality, construction, and restaurant industries. This allows us to harbour a skillset and knowledge base that would yield beneficial outcomes to your business, company, and brand while uplifting the overall online visibility of your business.

As mentioned above, our team comprises of professionals in multiple disciplines and we are able to service organisations that operate from any region of Sri Lanka.

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